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Million KMs
Million Trips
Million Employees Ferries

We have collective experiences of more than 2 decades of mass and staff transportation domain.
Team members working since 1994 in the surface transportation sector, we are leading provider of travel solutions with a strong
presence in the commercial hub of western and southern India, operating in 8 major cities including key IT hubs of Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai & Chennai.

We believe in ‘Make in India’ much before it beame fashionable statement! We grew organically boosting local talent merging and
acquiring city based companies.

CityGlide is formed with a new framework and mission. We have a vision to lead this staff transportation domain in a new way using technology like artificial intelligence and te internet of things (IoT). Watch the space! We are here to meet the transportation challenges and help you business prosper!

Our Objectives


Corporate Transport


Technology for the service providers of Corporate Transport


Safety and Security of the users of Corporate Transport


the Ground Transport operations for the Corporate Transport

Our Social Responsibility Initiatives

At this particular difficult time of COVID19 virus, we have been instrumental for smooth transport operations in 10 cities for our clients despite the pandemic challenges.

Covid Care

Digitization of Corporate Transport

City Glide

Solution & Stake Holder Mapping